New Business System Generates Multiple Benefits for Logistics Provider

PIQ Logistics provides a permanent basing of a Singaporean military vehicle fleet, including maintenance support, repair and overhaul for a wide range of armoured vehicles and military transport, in addition to logistics commodity supply. PIQ Logistics outgrew its previous business systems, which were no longer adequate for their requirements.

Identifying a need to improve staff training, tracking and reporting alongside greater compliance management; PIQ Logistics invested in the rsured™ technology solution for their business. Since implementing their rsured™ technology solution, PIQ Logistics have benefited from the simplicity and ease of managing Safety, Quality and Environment aspects across their enterprise.

Updating compliance management has been of real value to PIQ Logistics. “The features of rsured™ such as flagging and expiry emails assists with ensuring any staff qualifications and requirements, as well as plant and equipment testing, are current and up to standard”, explains Senior Logistics Manager Andrew Godwyn.

“The system serves our requirements more than adequately, and has become an integral part of our reporting process. Having all the relevant information in one location has also assisted with satisfying contract requirements and streamlined yearly ISO Audits. We can also see where the system will eliminate infringement penalties for non-compliance.”

“It is great to have the flexibility to be able to access the system while away from the office, thanks to the cloud-based operating system,” comments Andrew Godwyn.

Exceedingly useful for generating reports, maintaining compliance, training and managing contractors’ compliance, insurances, contacts and contractors’ licenses, rsured™ helps PIQ Logistics to keep everything up to date.

Updating to an automation-centric system has resulted in simple and easy reporting. Whenever anything is due to be updated, PIQ Logistics now receive an email and a report identifying exactly who they need to be talking with to get the information.

“Since implementing the system we can certainly see its value to PIQ Logistics. We would recommend rsured™ to other companies,” Andrew Godwyn concludes.


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Why do digital transformation projects go wrong?

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