Be In Touch – Be rsured™

Integrate Disparate IT Systems

You can maximise the value of your existing IT systems, rather than replace them.

You will add value to your investment already made in “best of breed” applications by interfacing with them and having them work in a complementary, seamless manner.

You will integrate your business systems to provide a single source of the truth.

Integrated Business System

Standardise and automate your systems and processes

Scalable to meet business growth

Minimise error duplications and non-compliance

Reduce complexity and minimise risk

Select the modules you need

Configurable and customisable to meet your requirements

Single Source of Truth

Interfaces with and brings the relevant data from your existing business systems and information sources together, in one database, in real time.

With everything in one place, you will always be in touch.

You have a single source of current and accurate information to improve your insights, decision-making and performance review.

Mobile Apps

You can develop specific apps which link to rsured™.

Collect information from the field (either on-line or off-line) and rsured™ can automatically sync your data when your device is next on-line.

Interfaces to third party apps.

In The Cloud

Your data available on demand up-to-date and fully backed up.

Access real-time information and reporting

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Why do digital transformation projects go wrong?

Each year, businesses around Australia experience digital transformation project failure, often wasting millions of dollars. The same businesses agonise over the causes of their digital transformation project failure.  With some engaging expensive consultants to assess and recover failing projects, and others abandoning what originally seemed like well-planned, well-organised projects, destined for success.

Do you want to know why these digital transformation projects go wrong?

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