Telecoms Infrastructure Specialist Scores Rapid Growth with Enhanced Business System Technology

Lightsource Services offers telecom companies a full end-to-end managed service for the construction of network infrastructure, including NBNco compliant solutions for new development estates and multiple dwelling units. Backed by a team of 90 employees, Lightsource Services specialises in the development of compliant pit and pipe designs and is experienced in the development of compliant pathway designs for multiple dwelling units.

Updating our business management systems with an rsured™ technology solution, has allowed Lightsource Services to operate and grow rapidly.

rsured™ provided the blueprint that we worked on to build our business’ HSEQ systems,” comments HSEQ Manager Nicola Duddy. rsured™ has helped us to quickly achieve our ISO accreditation (E&Q) and Australian accreditation (H&S) which allowed us to win contracts with the NBN and Telstra,” Nicola Duddy notes.

“The rsured™ system provided a blueprint of everything we needed in the HSEQ realm. It allowed us to get organised and learn exactly what we needed to action. For us, the system really was “HSEQ in a box” and to some extent, it was like a checklist that showed us a clear path to follow. The resulting documentation was “the first building block” we needed to put in front of the accreditation / compliance auditors. This process was the prime reason we were able to win new business.”

“Before we began using rsured™ we did not have any processes for Competency Management, Quality management of documentation, Incident management and reporting or sub-contractor onboarding. Now it supports all our requirements under the triple accreditations ISO9001, ISO14001, AS4801. All the worker competency management and subcontractor management requirements are in the system, and reports can be produced for clients.”

Lightsource Services now use the one system for Personnel Training and Competency Compliance Management, Incident management reporting and investigation, Inspection reporting, Contractor Management including pre-qualification and Non-conformance and corrective action reporting.

“Evidence of onboarding is essential in our industry, and on our main clients’ radar at the moment”, says Nicola Duddy. “We are also required to report all our incident investigations to our clients.” The rsured system helps them manage these requirements easily and efficiently.

“We believe rsured™ is adding value to our business, and certainly played a big part in allowing us to gain a triple accreditation in a relatively short amount of time. rsured™ helped us to start economically with the essentials, and as we grew, we were able to increase the level of functionality from the system. It has been very successful for Lightsource Services”, Nicola Duddy concludes.


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