5 essential work management system functions

Your work management system should make life easier for you, negating the need for multiple data locations, or paper and excel- based systems, that are now inadequate.


Here are 5 essential functions your work management system should provide:


  1. Smart Technology:

When you invest in a work management system it is essential the system you choose effectively utilises the latest smart technology. The best work management systems will be cloud based, enabling you to access the system from any location.  Your work management system should provide appropriate user security to ensure sensitive data is accessed only by appropriate individuals. Your work management system should provide an easy to use interface and a dashboard that answers your most critical business questions at a glance, by tracking your relevant KPIs and actions. You should also consider your need to have apps that link to your system to collect information from the field (either on-line or off-line) and automatically sync your data when your device is next on-line, taking your investment to a new level of smart technology.


  1. Automate Your Workflows:

Your work management system should allow you to create workflows that reflect your business processes, operations, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Automated notifications should be an essential function of your work management system. Automatic notifications can be sent when staff receive a high-priority task, or when a deadline on one of their existing tasks is close to expiration. Automatic notifications easily let you and your staff know when something needs immediate attention. Forestall the risk of missing a critical action or making a wrong decision and ensure you are always in-touch with automated reporting and reminders, detailing the information you require, whenever you want it.


  1. Real-Time Information:

Access to real-time data is essential for successful decision-making and reporting in your business. Real-time data will ensure you know what is happening in your business right now, not a month ago. By bringing your systems and information together in real time you will always be informed with access to the real-time data pertinent to improving decision-making and reporting in your business. Real-time data gives you the right information, almost immediately and in the right context. There should be no need to jump from database to database with the right work management system.


  1. Integrated System:

If you are investing in a work management system, it is essential you choose a system that works with your current IT and applications. Add value to your investments already made in “best of breed” applications by choosing a work management system that can integrate with your existing programs, and work in a complementary, seamless manner.


  1. Risk-Aware Compliance Management:

Compliance management can save you thousands, and having systems in place to actively manage this can also help you win new business. At a basic level, your work management system should let you allocate responsibilities to manage and monitor for basic compliance management. An ideal work management system will associate hazards and controls with your work structure for you, and provide complete risk and compliance management assurance.



The first step to better work management lies in understanding your current level of efficiency, control and compliance. Take a free online self-assessment to review your current level of efficiency, control and compliance.


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