The rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective

The real-world benefits of the rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective

Dan Smith shares his personal insights into the real-world benefits of implementing the rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective as a WHS Advisor for a geographically diversified food processing company involved in the agricultural industry employing over 400 people.


Why did you choose the rsured integrated business system?


“Being a geographically diversified company implementing rsured™ allowed us to consolidate the disparate systems that had evolved over time and therefore removing a lot of duplication and time wastage. We were also able to standardise our business processes across all of our business units.”


rsured also integrated seamlessly with our multiple existing ERP systems (e.g. payroll and general ledger) so that our information was processed once only and then combined in a common database. We had one single source of truth.”


rsured allowed us to drive a continuous improvement approach to managing workplace health and safety, by capturing and tracking hazards, inspections, observations and audits through to injuries, incidents and non-conformances so that preventative and corrective actions can be followed through to completion. rsured became our actions management system.”


What is rsured like to work with from a practical perspective?


I found rsured™ to be one of the easier software systems to navigate through. It has a very powerful visual management tool, which is customisable and adaptable to suit every user’s needs. The dashboards are a great way to communicate live information; we used the dashboards as a snapshot of current WHS performance.”


“The ability to set up automated reports, based on parameters you set, allowed information to be distributed to the correct audiences in a consistent format. The privacy of our employees’ information was paramount and well protected.”


Would you recommend the rsured integrated business system?


“The rsured™ team were fantastic to work with. They took our concepts and ideas on board, but were not afraid to show us a better way to achieve an outcome if they saw an improvement which could be made.”


“I would recommend the rsured™ as an integrated business system that will add value to any organisation.”



Dan Smith, WHS Advisor, Agriculture Food Processing Industry

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