Select and Manage your Contractors with EASE

Do you have problems with your contractor prequalification and management processes? How would you feel if you no longer had these problems?

RSURED solves these problems.

RSURED provides a seamless business process for the management and administration of contractors – encompassing prequalification and approval, monitoring and maintenance.

Administration of contractors, including their people, plant items and much more are streamlined under a single system with EASE…

A simple yet effective management system that lives up to its name.

RSURED makes it easy for everyone to manage compliance.

For Principals and Managing Contractors, RSURED

  • Provides a system which outlines all compliance obligations
  • Makes all contractors visible
  • Has everything in one place
  • Automates processes, reminders and notifications
  • Is a single system for all contractors

For Contractors and Sub-Contractors, RSURED

  • Makes it clear what the Managing Contractor requires
  • Provides the tools for them to meet these requirements
  • Has everything in one place
  • Automates processes, reminders and notifications
  • Removes the pain of not knowing what to do

The Contractor Manages Their Information

Transparency is what the process is all about. The contractor enters all required information into the module, removing paper-based applications. RSURED has 15 prequalification sections that the contractor completes directly. With customisation, these sections can be hidden and new sections may be added.

The process reduces double handling, whilst creating an active audit trail. Real-time feedback is provided for any missing information the contractor has failed to provide, while the integrated prequalification system can track the status of application stages.

Compliance Made Simple

Being affordable, effective and straightforward, this cloud platform is like no other. The module’s accessible dashboard allows you to check the contractor status in real time. Key Indicators sorted into tiles identify exceptions and required actions with minimal complexity.

Compliant with ISO standards, Contractors is one of nine RSURED modules that drive the integrated management system.

Improve your business with the automation and scalability of RSURED. Be in control anywhere, anytime and create ease of manageability within your organisation.

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