CQ small business is helping to improve mine safety

One Central Queensland based small business is contributing to improving miner’s safety, through initiating the Rsured compliance platform on mining sites

Laurence Stitt Managing Director, Founder and Owner of Rsured compliance management system has designed an electronic solution that can be at any Supervisor’s fingertips to ensure health and safety compliance for their workers.  Laurence says “It’s like the Big Brother of information for the health safety of workers.  It never sleeps, it never complains, it’s a simple to use electronic machine that keeps all their information available all the time.  For example, a Supervisor can click on their mobile phone or tablet and know what worker is qualified to drive what machinery, where.  It can tell them how long the worker has been on shift because it’s compatible with electronic access and timesheet systems.  Rsured provides the Supervisor all the information on their mobile device that they’d normally have on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet back at their desk.  We’ve designed it so it can also work offline in remote locations and then it will update once it returns to mobile phone range.”

Laurence was a management consultant across heavy industry in Central Queensland for many years.  He has previously been called into sites when they needed help after workplace accidents or when Workplace Health and Safety Improvement Notices had been issued.  He’d work with their management teams to improve the systems in which their employees worked.  After many years of responding to help big industry in their time of most need, Laurence decided to do something proactive about it and designed this electronic compliance tool.  The Rsured tool was born.

The Carmichael Mine has successfully implemented the Rsured electronic compliance tool, and now the new Multicom vanadium mine is the next mine to implement the tool.  This has resulted in Rsured starting to build capacity in its small business by expanding to include Executive Manager Dave Grenfell (OAM).  Dave chose to join Rsured because he received his Order of Australia Medal for his outstanding achievements in the training sector.  Dave outlines “that not only is Rsured beneficial to existing business, contractors and industry operations; but it is hugely beneficial to any new start up business or project; because once you have the People, Training, Plant, Equipment and Contractor information in the electronic tool then the information is at the Supervisor’s finger tips and delivers a fast, safe mobilization.  No supervisor wants to get distracted in compliance paperwork, and that’s why a lot of the time it becomes outdated.  But Rsured is the real time, simple to use solution that keeps Supervisors overseeing their workers deliver tool time in the field; instead of burning hours at an office desk or losing sheets of paper.”

Rsured representatives are attending the upcoming Capricorn Enterprise Major Projects Forum to explore new opportunities in the Central Queensland region.

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